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Well, WordPress is pretty good at pushing the bloggers to write – makes it nice and easy too! Soon as I registered, it put me to work…asked me to write my first post and even told me what to write…

This is my first time blogging with these people – before this I had blogged using the blog page option that came with the website – it was solely for my little passion-turned-business – Tea Crockery. I will go into the details of my relationship with tea and crockery later but first things first –  a little about me! Far as the basic bio goes: I live in Dallas with my awesome husband and three precious children;  we moved here in June from Scottsdale, Arizona. Our oldest is 16 and 1 in 42 boys in the US (he has autism!!). He is the best blessing nature has given us. By recent training I am a speech and language pathologist, by my young-age degree I am an MBA in Marketing and by passion I am a vintage treasure collector and stylist. I also love to read, write and craft.

There are many whys and wherefores for this blog but they all amalgam to two main goals for me and my readers: balanced life and self-improvement. If you are like me, you count your blessing when you find time for hobbies. I believe things we like to do and find calming bring order to chaos and demands that life generally throws at us. Hobbies are important for a balanced life and distribute our “stress weight” evenly. When it comes to self-improvement, here is my take on it: challenging oneself, experiencing new adventures and sharing them. I opened this blog because whether we read or write, we are looking for and providing answers to each other. This blog is a small effort to share my hobbies, ideas, and experiences with you and hopefully we both can achieve some of the balance and challenge each other to create and experience new things! Having said that, this blog will have a variety of things…

You will see quite some posts about style and décor inspirations with vintage treasures. I have {an addictive} hobby of collecting vintage treasures…my interest is in china, linen and tabletop articles. I create inspirations for home, weddings and other events around these items with emphasis on tea and themed parties using these rare pieces. This penchant for antiquing had led to the aforementioned business and blog – Tea Crockery.  After collecting for myself for years, I opened my collection for other vintage trenders and lovers in 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The pieces I collected made to many weddings, showers, fund raisers, corporate events and intimate gatherings as well as became part of numberless styled inspirational shoots. During this time I collaborated with many industry fellows, had the opportunity to meet awesome people, worked on some of the awe-inspiring projects with incredible design teams, brides, event planners. It was during that time that I started blogging about these ventures on the side. But a little later, it seemed like I wanted to share more than just my antiquing quests, yearned to talk to my readers regarding more aspects of life and have a full-fledged blog of its own. It took me a little while to get to this but here I am…I love that I am able to broaden the focus of interactions with my readers.

After living in the deserts of sunny Grand Canyon State for 16 years we moved to Dallas last June to experience the diversity and culture of this place! This move brings with us the need to explore the new place and identify the local sites for seeing, eating and shopping (…and thrifting!). My husband loves traveling and has the gift of finding hidden gems…and he is a foodie with a great desire for new cuisines and recipes. I will be logging our local weekend adventures to vacations abroad along with our experiences of cuisines under food and travel logs.

So come join me for style inspirations, alternate places to go, see and stay, fun recipes, fine dining to hole-in-the-wall food spots, thrift finds, value bargains, hand crafts, worthy reads…and some fun moments of our lives!

Looking forward!

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