Mid-winter tablescape for an intimate dinner…

Six months into it and I am still getting my head wrapped around the Dallas weather. We go right from wearing gloves and overcoats to sandals and light tops! Arizona is not known for cold weather so we never “understood” the cold and when the temperatures did drop down, people or at least I did not find myself ready or accepting to the cold. In Dallas we came with a mindset that it will be cold so I consciously prepared for the weather. Our family really enjoyed the winters! Boys always wanted to live in colder place. Dallas weather however is quite unpredictable. Your closet should be ready for about any kind of outside temperature –  so pretty diverse wardrobe is needed here! You may be okay wearing one layer one day and need coats, gloves and what not the next morning.

So we got a hint of summer right just this past week again and suddenly it seemed like I will have to pack all my coats and jackets. For a person who gets too cold too easily, I felt sad that winters will be ending so I thought of living in the moment and enjoying it! I looked for my fall/winter décor and put this table together for a mid-winter dinner inspiration right in the middle of spring! Now that sums up the Dallas climate right there!

Thanksgiving through winter holidays, I styled up couple of tables with some variations but I kept the tones barnish greys and beiges with gold. I cannot have enough of rustic décor elements and have employed them around themes numberless time, but this year I decided on different tones. I added only one burlap accent which is my effort from this blog, the rest of the pumpkins are from after-halloween sale from Hobby Lobby. I used the rest of the stuff I had lying around…three paint colors to achieve the shades, white, brown and black and a nail polish for gold accents. Stencils are just leaf shapes cut in the paper.

dsc_0287-2dsc_0294-2dsc_0228-2dsc_0209-2dsc_0217-2dsc_0216-2I have owned these Syracuse dishes for a long time. When it comes to ivory and gold sometimes I cannot decide if I like the Japanese pottery more or American vintage. I have to say these Syracuse plates have such beauty and delicacy in them and can sit proudly in a formal setting as well as among woodsy elements. These fine place settings have been used in another shoot styled by an Arizona vendor for a Spnish themed elopment shoot. Here is the link to the blog post as featured in Fab You Bliss and I will be putting it on my blog soon as well. The flatware is my favorite from international silver company.  The gold stemware is Italian and the other white with gold lace pattern is to me an unknown time and maker. The candle holders are vintage Godinger , candles and accent lights are from Bed Bath & Beyond.

dsc_0235-2dsc_0281-2dsc_0266-2dsc_0267_1Enjoy the post and hopefully before this wintery spring fully leaves us for summer, have a mid-winter dinner with few good friends!



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