Barrett Ladies Annual Tea

As I gathered 90 teacups through the boxes in the attic of my Dallas home to send out to ladies of Barrett in Arizona for their annual tea, I got reminded of their last year’s event. I made a mental note to go through my folders to find the pictures from the event that they had graciously sent me.

Last year in Arizona two lovely ladies from Barrett College contacted me: Layla who serves on committee for the Barrett Ladies Tea and Ellyse the Program Coordinator at Barrett at The Honors College at Arizona State University. They wanted to inquire about teacups that they could use for favors for the attendees for Ladies Barrett Tea. We emailed each other handful of times and the details were finalized quickly and seamlessly: I was to provide them with 90 teacups for their annual tea. The china was packed and delivered and they were very happy with the whole order! Later they sent me the pictures of the beautiful and bright ladies with my teacups.

It was such an honor to do business with these awesome ladies! This year when Layla and Ellyse contacted me, I was thrilled! Although I have moved to Dallas, they still wanted me to furnish their order.Just like last year, everything went real smooth. This time they ordered tags as well and I can’t wait to share the pictures of the tags with you which came out absolutely beautiful and fitting for a ladies’ tea.

Ladies Barrett tea is becoming a tradition at ASU where the alumnae and current students of the honors college mingle and bring together information and experiences from both their worlds and stages of their lives. I am so excited to be part of this tradition for the second year in a row and I am looking forward to the pictures of this year! I will be posting the pictures soon as I get – for now, enjoy the pictures of these bright ladies from last year. The photographs were taken by talented Barrett student Casey Weinstein.



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