Mid-Spring Bunting ~FREE~ downloadable

As far as the time of the year goes, it is spring-eligible ~ however due to the wide variety of climates, spring has not per se “sprung” everywhere.  Dallas’ grass got greener more towards the mid-spring than it was in March  but then it got hotter too (not by Arizona standards at all!) but Dallasites here do find the temperatures high. Honestly, we have some real fun outdoor weather here that you can use for outdoor spring brunches or afternoon teas. A spring get-together has to have the fun colors … so up for you’ll is a free bunting download with all the spring colors and a vintage needlestitch look to each flag that will look equally pretty when used indoors or outdoors!DSC_0809DSC_0803_2DSC_0813_1

Download for regular paper/ regular document printing paper– glue and twine/ yarn needed. I also use crochet thread and for fun, I sometimes tea-stain it!


Download for thicker paper/ card stock – hole puncher and thicker yarn needed.


Enjoy any of these the way you like – and if you much rather not cut, glue or punch, you can always buy the finished product at my etsy shop. It will come very well-wrapped and delivered at your door. And of course can be customized with letters and messages in different fonts! You can always add bespoke orders for place cards, little accents, thank you notes, silverware ties, food/menu or buffet cards, tags and whatnots to these amazing bunting and create an awfully charming hand-made wow-worthy party.


Stay in touch ~ happy planning your parties!


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