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Little Man Baby Shower!

Plaids, tweeds, mustaches, bows and ties – Oh Boy! This classy little man is on his way!

You guys this is a shower which will probably be enjoyed more by dads than moms. I had created this theme for Baby Malik few months ago and when talk of the shower for the awesome mama-to-be at our work went towards retro plaids and all, I thought of using this paper décor in the blues and greys to complement the shower colors for the new baby of the office family!

DSC_0704Throwing parties at work has its own limitations but when you are part of an awesome and creative team, the event becomes special with details! There was so much help for this baby shower to make the place look great and a lot of creative help too! Look at the neatly calligraphed blackboard, pretzel cigars – all made by my crafter work friend Heather! The awesome vintage cameras were from her collection too!! They go so well with the whole theme. Follow her on Pinterest stay in touch with new and creative ideas!DSC_0737DSC_0703DSC_0702DSC_0701DSC_0735-1DSC_0735DSC_0734perryblogDSC_0712DSC_0713This set of cute onesies was a lovely gift for the baby made by another awesome colleague Oni. She does her magic with fonts and fabrics and the outcome is just so fabulous! You can send her a personal message here to order very customizable and charming pieces. She made a very beautiful sign for my home office which I will be sharing in one of my later posts. DSC_0710DSC_0708DSC_0709DSC_0721DSC_0699DSC_0694DSC_0693DSC_0695DSC_0717I loved making the paper décor. There were two flags, Little Man and Baby Perry (which can be customized to your baby’s name!) I also made little paper onesies in three different sizes to add details like cake toppers, centerpiece accents etc. The finished products are on our etsy shop… AND before you head out to my other posts, here is the free downloadable for you for the LITTLE MAN flag!!


See you next time!

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My name is Riffat and I am the writer behind this blog. Through this blog I share many things I am enthusiastic about – my curated items from old era, passion for tea and tea parties, design and décor, DIY projects. I specifically like to create themed and seasonal parties incorporating vintage treasures. I am married to an awesome guy who has {a good case of} wanderlust and is a grand but healthy foodie. Occasionally I will be journaling and sharing his experiences in travel, recipes and restaurant reviews. On my blog you will also get to meet our 3 amazing boys – the oldest is neuro-diverse and his being on the spectrum has given a different and incredible meaning to our family! I would be a very different person without him. Besides enjoying my family and this blog, I am a full-time speech and language pathologist.

We recently moved to Dallas from Arizona. Back there, I ran a vintage china rental and sales business. I had the pleasure of working with some amazing vendors in the event industry and got featured on many international and national blogs. I started blogging specific to my collection but recently switched to life style blogging to touch more aspects of life.

Originally from Pakistan, I am a multicultural and multilingual person and enjoy diversity to its fullest. I welcome new things and ways and learn from them but believe in restoring and preserving as well. I love people who inspire each other, are successful holistically, spread positive vibes and make a difference in this world for themselves and individuals around them. Overall, I strive to be a very well-balanced person and this blog plays some part in achieving that!

I absolutely love to team up with creative minds! Feel free to contact me for style consultation, photo shoots, vintage & antique articles, tea parties and hand-made items. I also do product reviews and feature items on my blog. I have a small shop on etsy featuring my collection and hand-made items.

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  2. Ave P says:

    All the details that Tea Crockery created made this baby shower so special! The personalized touches and the little moustache theme were adorable! Thank Riffat for taking it from a “work shower” to something truly spectacular!!

    **Shout to Oni for the onesies and Heather for the chalk art!!!

    1. Thanks Ave! It was such a joy to do it. Thanks so much for letting me blog about it 🙂 Looking forward the baby!

  3. Lizzie says:

    Hi there, is there a listing for baby onesies? Specially interested in the cake topper? Are they personalizable too? Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hello Lizzie, Just sent you an email for details!
      I have not made listings for all of the items but you are free to choose and order and personliaze them! colors and scripts. Thanks.

  4. Sara Malik says:

    Very cute!! We still remember our Baby Malik shower and loved everything you made for us 🙂 it’s always fun working with you!

    1. And I still remember the fun party too! Hope you are enjoying the baby!!

      1. It’s always fun working with you too 🙂

  5. Kate says:

    Such cute decor! Love the plaids in blues and cute onesie cake topper!!

    1. Thanks Kate!! I loved doing it.

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