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Luxe Eid Table #eid2017

As we continue to celebrate and enjoy Ramadan, the anticipation for Eid slowly begins to surf in Muslim homes. Eid is the Big Celebratory Day following the conclusion of the holy fasting month. A much-awaited holiday for Muslims, it is all about enjoying the day with family, friends and food. From hot and cold servings to sweet and salty treats, Eid brunches have extremely welcoming quality that defines both Muslim hospitability and Pakistani cordiality as a culture. Invitations are sent out, menus planned and homes decorated for the jubilant day. Keeping the spirit of this upcoming holiday, up for your viewing pleasure is this Eid inspired luxe dessert table. I collaborated with local vendors experienced in making traditional Pakistani and international dishes to create this Moorish-glam table.Eid Inspirational TableStarting off with Arabesque opulence and a hint of Roaring 20s glam, I chose the color palette of rich and majestic teal with timeless gold for the theme. As you can see, lot of DIY projects from painting stemware, branches, vases to stenciling the Moroccon pattern for backdrop motifs were employed to give table the festive look. The chefs and bakers did an amazing job by sticking to the palette and motif for these host of delicacies spanning the table. The delights varied from the flavor of the tradition to mod twists in the menu.Eid Inspirational TableEid Inspirational TableEidEid Inspirational TableEid MubarakEid Inspirational TableEid CakeEid Cake and TopperEid Cake TopperCakeKheer!!Kheer for Eid Table!Mint Meringue Cookies!Eid Inspirational Table!Cake pops in teal and gold for Eid table!CakepopsGold dainty flatware!Channa chaat - so specific to Eid!Eid Inspirational TableTea for EidGold tea glasses!Retro Tea CarafeEid inspirational table

Here is what everyone brought to the table:

Brilliant Cakes made this cake with this Moorish pattern and the Eid themed cookies. This cake is the representation of Aamina’s amazing work as a seasoned chef of town. Brilliant Cakes is a pastry catering business providing everything from cakes to eclairs. They specialize in customized cakes and are able to cater allergy friendly options too. Visit their website to learn more about their award winning pastries.

The picture-perfect cake pops, scrumptious macaroon, and a petite rose cake was created by the Sally Bakes Me Pretty. ​Saleha had a strong penchant for baking since teenage. Encouraged by friends, she opened her baking business in 2016. She loves putting personal touches to her creations and bring cuteness in all her cake toppers and flawless finish to her products. She considers every project as a new learning experience and simply loves her work!! Her creativity goes beyond just baking and she loves making customized handmade party décor.

No Eid is complete without the kheer and channa chaat and they have to be made perfect too! These traditional culinary delights of historic origin were put together by Gohar, the amazing cook behind the Little Chef Cooking Lessons. She did an amazing job by bringing the tradition of Eid and flavorful treats to this table. She is one patient lady who can teach hordes of kids some awesome recipes! Most of her lessons are conducted during the summers. Look out for her upcoming events. The little Chef’s Cooking Lessons will teach kids how to select and prepare healthier food options from scratch! Kids will learn basic cooking skills, kitchen safety and more! Kids will draw on their own culinary creations!!!

Last but not least, the chef behind the bittersweet chocolate mousse, Swiss meringue cookies, and chicken spread sandwiches was Sarah. She is a wife and mom of three adorable children. An IT networking Engineer at Dell by profession, her hobbies include pencil sketching, poetry writing, making gift & spa favors. Her most favorite hobby is however creative cooking! She enjoys and experiments unique recipes and does an amazing job in presenting food. She is successfully running a cooking show for SOCH the News of Dallas. The name of her show is Soch Ke Zaikey A Cooking Show and she routinely shares recipes and tips of viewers!

It was a great pleasure for me to style up using the serveware, vintage with custom touches and shoot this table full of amazing goodies. The team was very professional and skilled which made the coordination and communication very smooth for this project. I would highly recommend my Metroplex readers to contact these chefs for tasteful and flavorful dishes for their events. I myself would come together with this team in a heartbeat!

My home is full of pixie dust glitter and my refrigerator was stocked with yummy turquoise desserts  for many days bringing the spirit of Eid already to our family! I hope all my readers also are anticipating a very Happy Eid; may the day be filled with blessing and happiness. Ameen.

Disclaimer: (…and this disclaimer has an LOL element to it!) Muslim dessert tables are far more extensive than this one and the guest lists are really long typically. This table represents a theme that of course can be employed or adapted at a bigger scale.

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Originally from Pakistan, I am a multicultural and multilingual person and enjoy diversity to its fullest. I welcome new things and ways and learn from them but believe in restoring and preserving as well. I love people who inspire each other, are successful holistically, spread positive vibes and make a difference in this world for themselves and individuals around them. Overall, I strive to be a very well-balanced person and this blog plays some part in achieving that!

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