Eid memories from Arizona!

I am very excited that we are moving to our home end of this month but also a bit sad that due to the move I cannot have the Eid party at my home that I always had in the past. I pulled these pictures of Eid brunch I did in Arizona for our beloved friends (I miss all of you dears).

Formal Table

This was literally a last-minute party and completely out of my zone. My clients are at the liberty of using my china with any color scheme and some of the stylists have played with different colors using my items but I personally use soft hues for my tea parties, very feminine pastels for weddings – hence the Eid table that I did last week was also a bold move! Here is the link to it!

Anyway, a traditional party of this nature demands all the rich, bright colors, silks, organzas and jamawars (which I love otherwise for my clothing and all!). For this party, I also used some of the serving accouterments from my personal collection that I had not been able to incorporate in any event before, like this vintage silverware with ornate handles which made its debut to the table (that is if antiques can have debuts!). My children called this flatware “medieval spoons and forks”. I am always surprised at how matching things end up in my home – this vintage cutlery has not been collected as a set, but acquired from many different resources. there is some excitmenet assocaited to finding the treasures that match your collection and complete the sets. Some of the decanters that had been lying in my china cabinet that never came out of my china cabinet before, made to the table this year for juices. I also never used my silver plated tea sets for personal use before. Of course all these knick knacks are for rent. Contact me for questions and visit Tea Crockery for more inventory.

DSC_0483DSC_0510Bridal Platesetting with vintage piecesDSC_0488 (1)DSC_0507DSC_0502DSC_0503DSC_0495DSC_0494DSC_0517Mango Lassi in Punch BowlDSC_0523DSC_0528DSC_0527DSC_0501.jpgEid is all about enjoying your friends and family and I love to put together gatherings in my home for Eid. Hopefully for next Eid, we will be out of boxes and settled at our new home and will have our Dallas friends over for a fun get together! Hope you enjoyed the pictures…

Oh and the mango lassi is my husband’s recipe which I will be posting soon!


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