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Your best Eid gift and decor guide for 2017

Eid is so around the corner and so is the spirit of celebration, joy and love! Best way to express the happiness is to give gifts to those around you and celebrate the occasion! There is no shortage of gift guides and party décor ideas on internet. This post however is not your run-of-the-mill resource; this is a guide for Islam-specific gifts for the upcoming Eid and Eid-themed décor. All these products are created by Muslim vendors from all over the world and here is the best part: they are all women (and mostly moms!). I had so much pride collaborating with these business ladies and to find out how creative they are! Whether you are hosting an Eid party, spreading the joy to non-Muslim neighbors, or going over the gift-giving list for Eid, get unique ideas and products from this list of amazing vendors who are at work all year round and especially during Eid times. There are so many options to choose from and with these products from the creative vendors, the décor and gifts of your Eid will be so unique for your family & friends!

Eid Cards: Send your greetings the traditional way!

Writing cards has its own appeal when sending greetings to your loved ones on special occasions. You cannot put a text message on your fridge to look at and get the joy from it -right? Eid cards are a tradition to send to family and friends at the time of the blessed celebration. Themed Eid cards bring and make memories. These beautiful cards are created by Harts & Crafts by Sanna.


Scarlet Scroll Studio has made these stunning Eid card and envelopes that you can use to mail or hand in your Eidis and messages. Beautiful colors and pattern – so specific to Eid!!EidCardSadaf.jpgenvelopesSadaf

Eid is for kids! Eid to Bachoon ki hoti hai!

No matter how much joy we get out of Eid as adults, the main focus of this occasion is kids. This is truer for those of us living abroad – we extend the celebration to make sure our children feel the spirit. Eidi is one of the most anticipated present of all times among Muslim children. The gifts have their own charm but Eidi in form of currency brings the joy in its best on the kids’ faces from those who can recognize dollar bills to teenagers who love to “own” some money to feel independent! My kids absolutely love this! So if you have been putting your Eidi in boring white envelopes, here are some awesome baggies that can bring double joy and color (and pattern) to this happy occasion. These ones are done by Crafty Shiro.


Two Craftistas – a shop run by mother and daughter have this fun Eidi sacks. You can get your kids these baggies with Eidi printed on it to keep all their Eidi money.  These can be customized for the child’s name as well!


Talking about little ones – Eid is a special occasion for the new additions in the family. These specialy cute shirts are made by Tiny Muslim! Who wouldn’t look cute in these!


And look at these super cute these little onesies!! Absolutely adorable and creative products by Jasmine + Marigold.


You can find these customized bibs and onesis at Two Craftistas.


Wrapping Papers! Make gifts more festive!

Presenting a gift according to the occassion makes the gift much more special – choose from these festive wrapping papers at With A Spin.


Share the Joy! Spread the spirit!

Living in the US, where we share so many holidays from different religions, Eid for Muslims is best time to spread the joy and message of peace to neighbors and colleagues. I absolutely love this candy bouquet by Memorable Creations. You can give the full bouquet and leave it in the common lounge at work place or present it to neighbor. The individual candies make also great gifts should you fancy giving it to teachers in school or colleagues at work.MemorableCreationsMemCtnCandyBox

Hajj Mubarak! The heart of this Eid!

This Eid is special in its own way since Hajjis are leaving and upon return, the parties are thrown and gifts are exchanged! So many cute ideas to make people feel special when they depart for and come back from the pilgrimage. This funtional gift kit of toiletries and the wudu pal is available at With A Spin – a must for travelers!


This Hajj journal by Harts & Crafts by Sanna in gold and black with a book mark makes a great gift for your loved ones leaving for Hajj!HartsCraftsButtonHajj

Eid Decor! Decorating for Eid is so much fun!

Besides picking presents to give to our loved one, aother important planning of Eid is to adorn the home just for Eid and Eid party. Some of these vendors have gone above and beyond in producing these awesome décor items. I really like the beautiful colors in the two backdrops created by Picket Fence Arts.

PicketFencePicketFenceBWPicketFenceBW_1If you are going for something rustic, order these from Favor-istic. The mason jar with beautiful calligraphy is also done by her!DSC_0940DSC_0932The Muslim Sticker Company sell these beautiful lights that are just so essential for your Eid!


Eid Props! If you can’s see it – it ain’t happened!!

For your Eid pictures, here is the best product I ever found! I love these props created by Scarlet Scroll Studio! Get your insta on with these fun signs and tag #Eid2017 and #sarletscrollstudio on these ones! She hand-made these for Eid photo booth. These can be so much fun to make memories to snap and share!

PropsI love the one this cutie has in his hand!!! Isn’t that the best prop you have ever seen?haroon

Eid Party Favors! Send your guests with goodie bags- they would double love your party!

The classic gold and ivory make the best traditional Eid gift bags! These are right sized for big and small parties. These are available at The Muslim Sticker Companyeidi-boxes-goldMuslimStickers

Here are some products that you can use for goodie bags! The candy stickers from The Muslim Sticker Company the button trios from Harts & Crafts by Sannaand tattos, pencils and wrist bands from With A Spin are sure to make your Eid-excited guests happier with your party!

hajj chocolatesMuslimStickersHartsCraftsButtonTrio3withaspingoodiebags


Wow… it is awsome to see so many people can make the occasion of Eid feel so special and these products are mere samples of what the vendors carry! Do visit their shops to get the items – most of which can be customized! It was a great feeling to get connected with these vendors from all over the world and know each of their story and passion behind these adventures!  I know this post is getting long but I have to introduce these ladies to you…following is a a little bit about them (in alphabetical order).

Crafty Shiro  (Massachusetts): Creating and crafting at a very young age, Shahira’s favorite subject has been art and has always been very competitive at it! She is a new mama!! She makes all sorts of stuff, she does decorations for birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, etc. She also makes greeting cards, accessories, and wall art for kids’ rooms. Visit her shop to see and order fun stuff!

Favor-istic (Texas): As a child Sanniya always found herself trying to wrap gifts in a more unique way and that evolved into decorating her room as a teenager. With encouragement from friends and family she started creating special request decorations for parties and events. Today it’s a way for her to focus her creative energy into a fulfilling activity and evolving a hobby into a side income.

Harts & Crafts by Sanna (Canada): Sanna Janjua, the owner of Harts & Crafts By Sanna graduated in Interior Design and displays and has since been decorating for events and running a small creative business from home. She sells her artisanal wedding accessories, artwork, prints, stationary and other crafts and her products are also available at the largest Islamic lifestyle store Modah in Mississauga Toronto.

Jasmine + Marigold (California): Sidra Trajcevska is the owner of Jasmine + Marigold (J+M), a lifestyle brand for South Asians and Muslims living in the West. J+M was born in 2016 just after the birth of her daughter when she realized it was difficult to celebrate our important traditions in the West with as much enthusiasm as our peers celebrated their holidays. While J+M started with just onesies and children’s tees, they’ve expanded to include mugs, bags, and tees of ladies and men. J+M donates a percentage of all sales to support the American Heart Association as the owner firmly believes in giving back to the community we live in.

Memorable Creations (Texas): Sana Hassan- the owner and the person behind Memorable Creations started creating Islamic art in response to the need in the industry. The idea was to keep the products affordable She started the business almost 5 years ago in New Jersey and currently is a local Dallas favorite and go-to person for Eid décor. Her products include but are not limited to custom banners, customized chocolate wrappers, bottle wrappers, party favors, cake and cupcake toppers, candy bouquets for almost every event.

Picket Fence Arts (Nevada): The owner of Picket Fence Art, Hena Haque is a mother of two with a background in computer engineering and finance. Her true passion is however arts and crafts. She opened up her Etsy shop after failing to find any modern Eid decorations online. She mostly tinkers with paper and paint, and occasionally graphic designand uses various color palettes and design elements to create Eid decor for the modern home.

Scarlet Scroll Studio (Arizona): Sadaf Alam is the owner and artist at Scarlet Scroll Studio. With a background in graphic design and fine arts, Sadaf creates artwork in a variety of mediums including watercolor, acrylics, digital art and calligraphy. Most recently she is pursuing an understanding and practice of Islamic geometric design and illumination. She hopes to work towards reviving these traditional skills by sharing her knowledge and artwork. Being an active member of the Scottsdale Muslim community, she has hosted several workshops and created art for various events and auctions within the community. She resides in Arizona with her husband and 3 children’s. 

The Muslim Sticker Company (England): Farhat Amin is the creative director of The Muslim Sticker Company which she founded in 2008. She has since been providing and helping Muslim children learn and celebrate their amazing deen! Her shop has amazing variety that can make your festivities much more fun!

Tiny Muslim (Texas): Farah Fatima Rashid, a stay at home mom turned entrepreneur founded Tiny Muslim after having a preemie and not finding enough choices in terms of clothing. Although Tiny Muslim specializes in sizes Preemie – 24 Months, they also sell toddler, youth, and adult sizes on request! And here is a bonus: spend minimum of $25.00 and receive 10% off your purchase – use code TeaCrockery2017 at checkout! Valid through Labor Day, September 4th.

Two Craftistas (New York): A mother and 14-year old daughter duo started Two Craftistas about a year and a half ago! This team of two offer uniquely designed items to their customers. All the way from customized drinkware to clothing, their shop has beautiful items in inventory as well as for custom order! The teenager helps with designing graphics and creating the cutest tutus you can ever dream of for little girls!!

With A Spin (Texas): Lail Hossain is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. She traded her globe trotting hi-tech career and launched With A Spin to help Muslim families create experiences and cherished memories by delivering unique, high-quality, stylish products inspired by Islamic heritage and world style. Her goal is to bring faith, passion and purpose together to inspire you and everyone in your life to keep Islam in the center stage of everyday living. Lail juggles her role between raising a daughter with her husband, fine tuning the designs and marketing of new Muslim friendly gifts and décor for her brand, and writing on various platforms about halal taste, and lifestyle.


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