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Magical 10 – Harry Potter Birthday!

What better time to fly, floo or aparate to the Platform 9 ¾ than the 10th birthday party of a wizard-loving boy! A birthday in our home of an HP lover emphasized the “need” for this theme. Up for your viewing pleasure– especially HP fan is a Halloween birthday – the Harry Potter style. We had this party last year around Halloween but I never got a chance to grab a moment in the spooky season to do the post – so here it is!

{I love staining paper with tea and this was one party where a lot of staining was done along with my tea time}. From invites, labels, potion labels, recipes, spells, book covers to Daily Prophet clippings – all the big little paper details were stained in tea to give the old calming feel that is so prevalent and known in Harry Potter.

When it comes to styling up, I follow a certain keynote, so something in common but absolutely do not like to run everything under one die cast. For a party like this which already encompassed more than one motif, a birthday, Harry Potter and Halloween, I wanted a smooth overlap between all those, rather than clash among them. The elements of these ideas were strewn over different parts of the home to have a background feel but not to overwhelm the guests. Props and décor were placed in different areas as stations. Although with the exception of muted gold here and there, I kept the colors dark, browns, and antiques, there was a happy fun Halloween vibe, not a dark creepy one (which I love as well btw!!). The theme was spread over all the Hogwarts’s years so the details carried something from every book.

Fireplace was a den of witches’ with boxes of hexes, and books on witchcraft.fireplace1spellsbookThe side board was a game station along with the potions storage. Each child was given a wand by the “Ollivandar” and a broomstick pen to play games like word search and BINGO. The winner got handful of chocolate money from Gringot’s safe!!blog7potionwandsgaemsgamecollagegames1games2gamesforcollageChocolate bar was one hit station at the party. The beautiful sign “Chocolate Bar” and the labels for the toppings were provided by my dear friend Sadaf from Scarlet Scroll. This bar is one special station of the party and thus needed a post of its own!. Here are the details of this bar.bar1


Two photo booths were setup. One with Daily Prophet headlines and the other with a brick wall which replicated more than one place like Hogwarts walls and Platform 9 3/4.blog6clippingThe cake of the occasion was a baked masterpiece- a treat to eyes and taste buds. This was an amazing creation of the chef Aamina Masood from Brilliant Cakes. She hand-painted the Marauder’s map with unmistakable details!! The rest of the dessert table comprised of chocolate frogs, golden snitches, cupcakes and fun candy – all adorned in tarnished ware on the bare wooden table. The “MAGICAL 10” , a Wormtail placed on the Marauder’s map completed the look!bannerhayaats-10th10bankbloghpcakeblognewcakecakecollagefrogs-copyblog4It’s so much fun to create with people who love what you love! Here is the list of stores and vendors I used for this party! Seemed like each one of us was on the same page and it did not take much to get my point across!

Thanks & credits: Styling, serveware and linen: Tea Crockery Hot choclate bar sign and topping labels: Scarlett Scroll Cake: Brilliant Cakes Harry Potter scarf: Parties and Fun // Harry Potter tie: TMK Shop // Chocolate Frogs: The Dreamerie // Little spoons for dessert/ cupcakes: CreativeJuiceCafe // Harry Potter glasses: Allures and Illusions // Silver keys: Aokbean // Harry Potter costume: Rubie’s

Hobby Lobby for cardboard alphabets & miscellaneous and Pinterest for ideas!

Looking for some awesome Halloween party ideas – not necessarily a Harry Potter – here are some “spooky essentials” you can add to your list of decor:

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tea candles with wraps!

tea candles!







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