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I guess my last post about Galentine was very women-oriented and to do so in Valentine’s month and ignore half the other world meant I owed an even-handed post! Life has a way of balancing itself and I get this request from a gentleman to style a proposal shoot for February 14th. While proposal shoots in particular have a lot to do with the person saying yes to the question, I believe it must encompass the likes of the one asking for the hand. After all you accept each other with all their goods and interests! While I was designing the details for this particular couple (to-be), I thought of putting up a mini shoot for my readers’ view. Thanks to the groom-to-be, he let me use his request details to create this shoot!

While I predominantly deal with women for tea parties and event styling, around the year I do get contacted by few gentlemen for variety of requests. In a lot of ways, it is so easier to work with men whether they are planning a tea for their daughters or selling antiques to me or in cases like these, consulting for proposal styling – the questions and answers are very specific; they really know how to cut a long story short, just like this client who in few words, told me enough to-the-point details to create the desired scene: the lady appears to like accents of vintage items, the guy is more of an urban-buff with retro streak. They both however love Pottery Barn and cake so here is a combination of all things combined.

proposal shootMarry me cake topperMarry Me decorbe my valentine foreverBe my valentine foreverproposal shoot heartvalentine table for twoMarry Me paper decormarriage proposalPopping the questions is one of the most emotional moments in a man’s life. With the nerves and excitements at their full height, the worry about the ambiance can be quite intimidating! At a time like this, you can easily take care about what and how to say and let us wow your girl with setting the mood and table! Contact us for a personalized, unique styling for your proposal (Valentine’s or any other day). We will make it look majestic for a lifetime memory! She might remember what and how you said it but she for sure will be all over social media with the pictures and details about the ambiance. So make it right!!

Credits: For this shoot, the hand-made props, china and linen were from Tea Crockery. The cake topper, ribbon and heart tag were all tea-stained to add vintage accents. The best feature is our vintage cork bottle, Lemonade Aux Extraits Naturels De Citron France from 1960s. The naked cake was provided by Mehr’s Cake Corner – a local cake expert! She also provided desserts for our Galentine’s shoot! Happy Valentine’s Day y’all and happy planning!!


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