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10 Last-Minute Things For Your Dorm!

Back to school season is almost upon us, and for one particular group of students, this time has an extra layer of excitement. Incoming college freshmen are probably rushing around, trying to say goodbye to all their friends and family at home, coordinating their dorms with their roommates, and packing up their lives to take with them to school. Much happy as these teenagers are for the awaiting independence and finally being able to flee the protected school environment, the worries of starting a new chapter are there no doubt. In the midst of all of this, it is very natural to overlook some basic functional things that can acutally make life much easier in dorm! Planning ahead is a big part of the move and taking the right things with is guarenteed to smoothen the transition somewhat. I am sure most of the preps are done, but our team found these 10 items that may not have escaped your list.

1. Cord/ Cable Organizer

Most all of us are fully loaded with gadgets these days– our dependency on laptop, phone, tablet, Bluetooth, watch, headphones, etc. is quite heavy. These have become necessities and help us literally navigate our world in all areas. The devices come more natural to our teenagers. All these electronics need charging. College life, which is spent between lots of places like dorm, café, classrooms, labs, library, coffee shops and other buildings of the campus – carrying all the cables and chargers can be really a challenge. In the room, between you and your roommate, you will have lots of cords and chargers floating around. The trick is to keep them organized so you don’t lose them or get confused with your roommate’s. We love these cord organizers from Etsy. This floral and feminine one for hint of color in your room, this boho smaller ones to add a birght spot, and of course a pick for the guys entering college; this handsome leather one.

2. Power Strip/Surge Protector

Again going back to the gadget ruling era – dorm rooms don’t have that many outlets, and you will be sharing the ones they do have with your roommate. In order to have all the outlets you need, and to protect your devices and chargers, a power strip that doubles as a surge protector is a must. This one from Amazon has a ton of outlets, and you might not need this many, but the options available are endless.

3. Bedside Caddy

Organization and storage are some of the most difficult parts of dorm life – we are all so used to of our homes, and there is always mom or someone around to look for things. Of course homes are bigger than dorms and in the later, the space you are sharing is quite small in most cases. You may not have a bedside table or have a very small table to accomodate your needs. Brining along a bedside caddy, like this one from Etsy, can add storage, keep things organized by giving them a convenient location.

4. Metal Utility Cart

No matter how practically you packed, there is a chance that you will have items with no home and moments of “where do I put it?”. You can never go wrong with a small, rolling and light weight cart that serves as a shelf to house homeless items. We have even seen these used as coffee carts and makeshift kitchens in dorms, which is such a great idea! You can of course employ it as a nightstand. Whatever you use it for, it’s going to add a lot of storage to the room without taking up much floor space. We love this">" border="0" alt=""/> two-tiered ones ones for the minimalists or this three-tiered ones with 3-piece accessory Pack – (hooks, shelf extension, pens holder) for those who might need more storage.

5. Desk Organizer

Once again, organization is one of the most difficult parts you will encoutner at dorm, mainly because there is so little space!! Especially when it comes to desk, it might have to double as desk and a vanity. This stylish industrial desk organizer from Etsy can keep pens, pencils, post its, calculators, and other accessories all in one place, and it includes a lamp and charging stations for her devices to further maximize space on the desk surface.

6. Bowl

Okay, so you are going to need more than just a bowl to survive the dorm life, but honestly, a bowl ot two can be useful! Between a set of bowls, a mug, and some utensils, you will have something to eat and be able to cook enough in a microwave to supplement what your school’s dining services already offer during the day. For a quick meal here and there, these unbreakable bowls are just amazing and are the perfect size. These are microwave safec, lightweight and eco-friendly!

7. Water Filtering Pitcher

One of the things that worries parents is not enough water and not filtered water! Dorms have water fountains which are not accessible inside the room and or course the water is not filtered. A water filtering pitcher would provide clean water as well as ensure enough water intake. Keep one in the room, and have fresh water to stay hydrated with. Our choice is this Brita pitcher from Amazon.

8. Laundry Bag

Laundry bin or a basket at home does not need to be dragged outside – at the most you bring it to washer and dryer the other side of the house. This will not be the case at dorm. It is helpful to keep in mind that you may be carrying your laundry quite ways to wash it, as most dorms only have one or less laundry room per floor. We found this laundry bag quite useful. Once it is full, just cinch it up and carry it down to the laundry room with ease. It also allows personalization, to make sure it doesn’t get stolen, and the little pocket on front is great for carrying laundry pods or soap bottle to the laundry facility.

9. Clothes Hangers

Hangers are an item that is easy to forget until you get to your dorm and realize that there aren’t any there! These space saving hangers are pretty basic, but you don’t really need anything fancy. These pretty much serve the purpose and also come in many colors!

10. First Aid Kit

The dorm Resident Assistant on your floor will have a first aid kit but its awfully useful to have a personal one in your own room. You never know when you might need a band aid for a little cut or a pesky pair of shoes. Having a first aid kit of your own means you’re prepared if anything happens, and people can come to you if they need first aid items, which is another great way to make friends (assuming there isn’t a major emergency happening.)

So there you have it! 10 items to bring with you to school to make life a little bit easier and more organized. The transition to dorm life can be a stressful but exciting one, and hopefully with some of these items in tow, it can be as convenient as possible. All the best to the newly admitted!!

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