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Bring The Spirit of Ramadan To Your Home!

We Muslims love Ramadan!

Ramdan is the most awaited time in every Islamic household around the world. This holy, sacred and soul-cleansing month brings with itself the humble festivities. But this year is unique for everyone for the well-known fact of lockdown. The kids are home which makes fasting easier on them and maybe parents but this also means there is a lot to miss – there is no hustle bustle of going to mosque or gathering for suhoor or iftars, no fun socializing or spending time together with other families!

Muslims, especially those living in non-Muslim countries go out of the way to celebrate this time of the year. Simple themed functional items and sometimes humorous and funny décor can not only boost morale of the fasting kids in home but also that of adults. It is more important to create a Ramadan ambience in our homes than ever before.  

There is a huge creative Muslim community online who makes fun things available for Muslim holidays! Our team picked up few fun and functional Ramadan products to bring the spirit of this holy month to our homes. Most of them are able to ship right away. These products will not only add the Ramadan spark but will also help Muslim vendors and small businesses in general, thus helping economic turmoil we are all going through!

Ramadan and Eid Stencils for coffee, cookies and even for kheer!

Just used these last night on my coffee and kids’ hot cocoa! I can’t wait to use it on the kheer on Eid day! Loving these…buy your set here!

EDIT: These stencils are sold! Here is another shop you can buy from!

Ramadan Sleeping Suit:

Aren’t these cute? You can order these here.

Mini Tasbeehs for Kids:

This set of 10 mini tasbeehs are great to keep in different areas of your home to pick and recite any time. They will also make great gifts! Get your set here.

Bookmark for Quran

These elegant Quran bookmarks are customizable for Quran quotes in Arabic and English. You can place your order here.

Ramadan Pencils

Kids are home and schools are conducting virtual sessions – these pencils can make great homework helpers! Get yours here!

It’s Ramadan, Curious George

If your kids were smaller when it came out couple of years ago, its a good time to buy it! Get your copy here.

Ramadan Mugs

Love these Ramadan mugs for your Suhoor and Iftar caffeine dose! Buy these here!

Ramadan Cookies

This Ramadan cookie gift set is the perfect for your loved ones during Ramadan month! Each cookie is individually wrapped. Get yours here.

Ramadan Kitchen Towels

These make perfect gifts and are great for kitchen decoration and everyday use! Go to this link to place an order!

You can’t forget babies in Ramadan! They are your suhoor alarm. These cute onesie can be bought here.

Ramadan Plates

Love these disposable elegant Ramadan plates (yes coming from us, who love vintage china!!) but you’ve gotta take it easy in Ramadan while still staying in style!! This plate set is avialable here.

We hope these few things will help in bringing the joy in your home!! We will be doing another post for Eid (Edit: Here is the post) and featuring vendors! If you are an online creative who would like their Eid themed products to be featured, please comment below!

Stay safe, stay blessed and stay home if you can!!

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My name is Riffat and I am the writer behind this blog. Through this blog I share many things I am enthusiastic about – my curated items from old era, passion for tea and tea parties, design and décor, DIY projects. I specifically like to create themed and seasonal parties incorporating vintage treasures. I am married to an awesome guy who has {a good case of} wanderlust and is a grand but healthy foodie. Occasionally I will be journaling and sharing his experiences in travel, recipes and restaurant reviews. On my blog you will also get to meet our 3 amazing boys – the oldest is neuro-diverse and his being on the spectrum has given a different and incredible meaning to our family! I would be a very different person without him. Besides enjoying my family and this blog, I am a full-time speech and language pathologist.

We recently moved to Dallas from Arizona. Back there, I ran a vintage china rental and sales business. I had the pleasure of working with some amazing vendors in the event industry and got featured on many international and national blogs. I started blogging specific to my collection but recently switched to life style blogging to touch more aspects of life.

Originally from Pakistan, I am a multicultural and multilingual person and enjoy diversity to its fullest. I welcome new things and ways and learn from them but believe in restoring and preserving as well. I love people who inspire each other, are successful holistically, spread positive vibes and make a difference in this world for themselves and individuals around them. Overall, I strive to be a very well-balanced person and this blog plays some part in achieving that!

I absolutely love to team up with creative minds! Feel free to contact me for style consultation, photo shoots, vintage & antique articles, tea parties and hand-made items. I also do product reviews and feature items on my blog. I have a small shop on etsy featuring my collection and hand-made items.

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