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Eid Decor & Gifts For Your Family and Friends!

Thanks so much everyone for liking the Ramadan decor and gift guide that we floated in the beginning of Ramadan! Many of you requested another post before Eid! Luckily the Muslim creatives are busy coming up with amazing decor and gifts for Eid and making it easy to put together the guides! We loved looking through the vendors profiles and creativity and bringing their special products for you! Eid is getting closer and these shop owners are getting busier so place your order as soon as possible to get the items in time. With Covid-19 the mail is slower but many of these vendors can work with you for rushed delivery. And worst case – better late than never. Right? It’s a great time to decorate your home so that when you video call your families and take photographs, you can create the spirit of Eid while celebrating it virtually with them. Also a great time to show your care and love to dear ones you cannot give Eid Mubarak hugs!! Enjoy – make your Eid fun and memorable while helping these businesses!

Eid Decor

We absolutely love this Eid themed decor to bring the Eid ambiance to your home! Of course you can send these to your relatives too as gifts. They will for sure appreciate and remember it!

  1. Reversible sequin cushion cover $20.00 plus shipping
  2. Velvet Eid Mubarak Table Runner (available in gray and red) $38.99 plus shipping
  3. Eid String Lights $29.99 plus shipping
  4. Eid dinner, dessert plates and napkins starting from $3.24 plus shipping
  5. Eid Calligraphy Backdrop $44.00 plus shipping
  6. Eid Mubarak LED Lights Sign $90.00 free shipping within US
  7. Eid Mubarak Cake topper $10.00 plus shipping
  8. Eid Mubarak Cupcake Topper set of 24 $8.49 plus shipping

Greeting and Gifting

Eid is all about giving gifts – express your love in quarantine by sending memorable presents to your family and friends, near and far! These cute embellishments will make your Eidees look and feel special!

  1. Ramadan Eid Washi Tape Bundle $16.00 plus shipping
  2. Mint and Gold Eid Gift Bags starting $1.94 plus shipping
  3. Eid Goodie Bags starting $0.95 plus shipping
  4. Fridge Magnets of Quranic Verse $5.00 plus shipping
  5. Personalized Reusable Eid Mubarak Gift Sack $12.00 plus shipping
  6. Eid Mubarak Wood Tag $1.00 plus shipping
  7. Greeting Cards $1.00 each plus shipping
  8. Wrapping Paper for Eid Gifts $4.25 and 5-Pack Gift Tags $4.00 plus shipping

Gifts For Kids

These are such beautiful and fun toys for little boys and girls!

  1. Crochet Doll Girl $50.00 plus shipping
  2. Crochet Doll Boy $30.00 plus shipping
  3. Muslim Barbie Doll $27.19 free shipping within US
  4. Muslim Girl Puppet $18.59 plus shipping
  5. Muslim Puppet Boy $18.59 plus shipping
  6. Handmade Tasbeehs for kids Click the link for pricing details

Fun Muslim Toys and Gifts for Kids!

We love these educational and Islamic gifts for your little loved ones!

  1. Mini Mosque Set $37.78 free shipping within US
  2. Five Pillars Of Islam Board Game $25.00 plus shipping
  3. 25 Pack Islamic Flashcards $13.49 plus shipping
  4. My Dua Pillow $54.00 free shipping within US
  5. Arabic Alphabet Set in Colorful Felt $22.00 plus shipping
  6. Personalized Sadaqah Jar $17.00 plus shipping
  7. Mosque Domes & Minarets Spiral Toy $51.28 plus shipping
  8. Five Pillars Trivia Burst: Hadith Edition $20.00 plus shipping

Personalized Eid Clothing for the girls and boys!

What a great way to make Eid memorable for your own kids and their friends!

  1. Personalized Shirts in Urdu starting $20.00 plus shipping
  2. Bundle of Barakah Knotted Hats for Babies $7.71 plus shipping
  3. Chotu motu onesie $18.69 plus shipping
  4. Color Your Own Shirt $16.00 plus shipping
  5. Save The Kisses Hand My Eidi Onesie $19.99 plus shipping
  6. Got Eidee? Shirt $19.29 plus shipping

Eid Gifts For Adutls

It’s not only the kids who wait for gifts! Adults also exchange presents to show the love they share among each other on Eid!

  1. Modest Maxi Dress $62.98 free shipping within US
  2. Muslim Salam Shirt starting $17.99 free shipping within US
  3. Black Velvet Islamic Gift Set Starting $28.27 plus shipping
  4. Blush Shirt and Pants $199.00 free shipping within US
  5. Custom Hijab Gift Box Starting at $44.99 free shipping within US
  6. Handmade Tasbeeh Click the link for pricing details

Gifts For Families and Homes!

These gifts will for sure make your families’ and friends’ Eids fun and sweet!

  1. Trust in Allah But Tie Your Camel Shadow Box $30.00 plus shipping
  2. Eid Mubarak Sign $25.00 free shipping within US
  3. Eid Themed Cookies Starting $16.00 free shipping within US
  4. Family Eid Gift Box $125.00 free shipping within US
  5. Hand-painted Moroccan Tea Glasses $42.00 free shipping within US

And last but not least – we have these amazing stencils for you that you can use this and next Eid for your coffee and desserts! We are including these again because these were the most popular items from our last post and while they went unavailable for a little while, the shop has added whole bunch more! Click on the picture or you can buy these here for $6.99 and free shipping within the US.

We hope you all have a great rest of the Ramadan and a wonderful Eid with your friends and family virtually!


Disclaimers: We love recommending products to you but please keep in mind we have not used all the products ourselves and these are not product reviews unless mentioned. We make sure to check the prices, shipping details while listing them on our blog as well as the customers’ ratings but both may change. This blog occasionally uses affiliate links, which means when you buy something using the links, a small percentage may go towards the maintenance of the blog without any extra charge to you.

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