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Post-Mother’s Day and Pre-Eid!

So this is one of those heart-to-heart blogposts that I do every few months to connect personally to my readers. Other than showcasing styled shoots, compiling guides for gifts, bringing décor ideas to you, promoting other businesses for blog maintenance purposes, this is a kind of post that I wait to find time to do. It also provides me an opportunity to reflect on why I really started this blog. There are many aspects of blogging that I like and some of them include getting to know more people, researching about subjects unknown to me, finding talent and featuring small businesses for the pure purpose of it – no affiliates, no associates but just the fun of photographing their creative treats!

Today, I am introducing two local small home-businesses that I came across just in the last week. One for Mother’s Day and one for Ramadan and Eid!

Mother’s Day Cookies by Criss Confectionery!

I know Mother’s Day is done and over with (we are in fact gearing up for Father’s Day – the gift guide will be up soon!) but I just got to edit the pictures now. These yum cookies were so perfect for Mother’s Day tea and were delivered by Criss Confectionery. I photographed these lovely delights on the beautiful morning of Mother’s Day but due to fasting did not enjoy them till night!

Now can you even think of something more suitable for a tea table for mum?

And believe me y’all, these things don’t just sit on a cookie platter and look pretty, they taste heavenly! The multi-layered cookies were delightfully rich and flavorful. They went perfect with the black tea I usually take and made a tasty late night Mother’s Day supper after I broke my fast!

Megan, the owner of Criss Confectionery is a very pleasant lady. They are based out of Aubrey. I had shown her only a picture and told about the colors I was wanting and voila! I had in front of me exactly what I had envisioned! She delivered the cookies all wrapped individually, sitting on a bed of pastel hued tissue papers in a white windowed box! Wonderful present!! Megan is able to create many designs to fit the occasion you are needing the cookies for. You can contact her through Facebook or Instagram for gifts, parties and weddings!

Eid and Ramadan Delicacies by Delish Dates by Naba!

As we enter the last few days of Ramadan, we are all planning this Eid, which is going to be different for everyone. This year, we will not be able to hug our Eid Mubaraks to our near and dear ones. We are all looking for ways to express our love and affection to each other. For those living out of town, we can order gifts online but for my local friends, I might have found just the most appropriate gift to send!! My friend’s daughter is very talented in baking. She has been diligently working on creating unique recipes with dates for quite some time now and she recently whipped up some real delicious options just in time for Eid! She creates dates delicacies using complementary ingredients like chocolate and nuts. The dates are covered in chocolate or caramel, drizzled with coconut and embellished with nuts. You would think the chocolate will devoid the date of its true experience or otherwise but the quantity of ingredients is just perfect- you can taste each flavor without overwhelming your palate with sweetness. These truly Eid delicacies are packed beautifully in see-through boxes and come in variety of tasty flavors: Coconut Heaven with chocolate and white chocolate, White Treasures, Peanut Sensation and Caramel Swirl.

We tried these dates couple of days ago and loved them! We just placed order to send to some of my husband’s colleagues. We always share the occasion of Eid with our non-Muslim friends and this year this box of delish dates will be perfect to include them in our celebration!

Do consider these delicious boxes of luxurious dates during Ramadan and for Eid. They will be a perfect accompaniment for your family Eid table as well as make a thoughtful and Eid- appropriate gift for friends! You can order them by contacting Naba here and pick these up in Frisco.

I know my blogpost is read by people from different cultures – if you are wondering how we Muslims celebrate Ramadan, you can read about it here. If you are not from a tea-drinking culture, here is what will tell you how we Pakistanis are super crazy about our tea!

I hope you all have a great rest of Ramadan and memorable Eid. If you still have to figure out gifts to ship for family and friends, look up these gift ideas created by small business owners – there are many who can do expedited shipping or work with you other details! And if you are looking for a truly intimate Eid dessert table inspiration, here is one which I created couple of years ago with some local chefs and vendors!

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