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Gift Ideas for Dads of (Almost) All Kinds! #fathersday2020

Fathers and father figures in our lives are special people and come in variety of personalities! Someone who has made us what we are today deserves a celebration to recognize the hard work; something special that defines and complements the unique persona!

I can’t think of Father’s Day without thinking of my dad. He was a graceful, fashionable man of his time – tailor-fitted suits, cigars, cufflinks kinda guy with a typical old school swag, who when and if needed could roll up his sleeves to fix a leaky faucet, on the spot, without any hesitation! If he was still in this world, he would have owned any possible tech gadget and brought the old-time touch to these new age necessities! Luckily, I can say the same about my husband, who can mix and match today’s trends with classic touches (and fix leaky faucets!!). Coincidentally many on our team felt likewise about men in their lives!  While contemplating the post, we unanimously declared no matter what “type” the dad is, Father’s Day gift ideas cannot not have the retro feel in them! While for Mother’s Day we look for modern and fashion forward things for the most part, for our dads, we tend to bring past even for their modern possessions and inclinations.

So here it is – a guide that might have a flavor of erstwhile charm, analogous to retro masculinity, but will for sure make many kinds of dads happy!

Disclaimers: We love recommending products to you but please keep in mind we have not used all the products ourselves and these are not product reviews unless mentioned. We make sure to check the prices, shipping details while listing them on our blog as well as the customers’ ratings but both may change. This blog occasionally uses affiliate links, which means when you buy something using the links, a small percentage may go towards the maintenance of the blog without any extra charge to you.

For the Dads earning bread from home these days!

First off, lets take care of dads in the current situation- coronavirus-led quarantine has forced many of them to work from home. To appreciate the adjustment to operate “outside their comfort zone”, help create a cozy and stylish work space for the the ones bringing the money in! Here are some suggestions for their nook.

1. Merino Wool Throw $149.00 Free Shipping within US

2. Custom Leather Arm Chair Starting at $960.00

3. Magnifying Glass Starting at $66.00

4. Nespresso Coffee Machine $499.95 Free Shipping within US (a personal recommendation)

They have to be comfortable to put up a nice face!

We really don’t want grumpy guys working from home, in lock-down or just in general. Just like workplace, Dad’s wardrobe and lounge time should be comfy too and help him relax! Cool comfortable clothing and shoes always do the job!

5. White Linen Shirt Starting $75.00 Free Shipping within US

6. Comfortable Linen Sleepwear starting $130.00 plus shipping

7. Leather Handmade Loafers $64.99 Free Shipping within US – we also loved the Leather Flat Shoes $85.00 Free Shipping within US

8. Natural Linen Scarf Starting $28.25 Plus Shipping

Techie Dads who love to add a classic vibe to their accessories!

Bringing a rustic hint to the tech accessories evokes a real calming charm! We love the leather and wood to protect and keep the technology going!

9. AirPods case starting $23.98 Plus Shipping

10. Wooden Docking Station from $53.31 Free Shipping within US

11. Genuine Brown Leather Apple Watch band $46.75 $55.00+ savings!! Free Shipping within US

12. Leather cell phone case from $79.91 Free Shipping within US

And those who love hand-sewn, tailored and customized wardrobe!

For the dads who’d rather have classic accessories to be made just for them, here are few awesome picks!

13. Leather Hat For Men  Starting $185.00 Free Shipping within US

14. Handmade Leather Suspenders $50.99 Free Shipping within US

15. Personalized Collar Stays Starting $24.99 Free Shipping within US

16. Initials Cuff links $119.00 Plus Shipping

The collectors of old time treasures!

Vintage always evokes nostalgia, brings a certain dimension to the overall look. Etsy is one the best places to look for some of the pre-loved and truly vintage items. Here are our picks from thousands of items they have:

17. Vintage Omega Deville Gold Dial Quartz $325.00 Free Shipping

18. Golf Clubs Wall Display Vintage $100.00 Plus Shipping

19. Vintage cuff links and tie set $38.00 Plus Shipping

20. Model T Ford Antique Collectible Car $56.00 Plus Shipping

Fitness lovers!

Encouraging dads for fitness hobbies works best for everyone – a healthy happy father means happy healthy family! Here are few gift suggestions for the dads who run, bike, golf or love workout.

21. Running Shoes $305.96 Free Shipping within US

22. AfterShokz Air Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones $119.95 Free Shipping within US

23. Golf bag – (we love the Titleist) $199.95 Free Shipping within US

24. Weight Bench $189.79 Free Shipping within US

For Dads with adventurous hobbies!

Shower dad with gifts of his love of adventure – hiking, motor biking, camping and other outdoor activities that agree with the man of the house!

25. Survival First Aid Kit $47.95 Free Shipping within US

26. BMW Genuine Motorrad Motorcycle Jacket $364.11 Free Shipping within US OR Shoei RF-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet $589.99 Free Shipping within US

27. YETI Silo 6 Gallon Water Cooler $299.99 Free Shipping within US. Awesome for camping!

28. Skwoosh Kayak Seat w/ Gel Seat Cushion $96.99 Free Shipping within US

Dads who would rather indulge in calming activities!

Some of us have fathers who prefer creative and relaxing activities like fishing, playing guitar or photographing!

29. Rod and Reel Combo Fishing Pole $74.99 Free Shipping within US

30. 3D Laser Pendulum Puzzle Model $197.13 Free Shipping within US

31. Vibration Reduction Zoom Lense for camera $626.95 Free Shipping within US or a nice rucksack to hold camera and accessories $107.10 Free shipping within US

32. Vintage Yamaha FG-260 12 String Guitar $448.60 Plus Shipping

Some fathers are more scholarly and bibliophile!

A reader dad is always in fashion (rare but in fashion)!! You may have a traditional one who insists on real books or one who loves to read and listen on gadgets! Here is something for each type!

33. Love these industrial book ends for bookshelf Free Shipping within US

34. Get Kindle for a minimalist dad.

35. An Audible Gift Memberships for the one on-the-go (personal recommendation)

36. Storage/ travel case for kindle and et ceteras can be a great gift to keep things in one place! $112.39 +Shipping

King of The Kitchen!

Some dads have 99 problems but kitchen ain’t one of ‘em! They find cooking very relaxing and they are awesome at it! The griller, cook or chef will appreciate any of these gifts!

37. Dad’s Aged to Perfection Apron $35.57 +Shipping

38. We love our Traeger and use it very often, so recommending it! $576.75 Free Shipping within US (personal recommendation)

39. This Antique Meat Chopper is sure to make the meat-lover very happy! $65.84 Free Shipping within US

40. The fully handmade Damascus Kitchen Knife is a beauty for Dad’s kitchen! $69.99 Free Shipping within US

And then we got those Gamer Dads!

Whether he is a chess-inclined old timer or a next generation video gamer, it’s guaranteed that a present to complement his game time or game room will bring smile on his face!

41. Beautiful Chess Board $425.00 Free Shipping

42. Playing Cards Blocks $42.95 to make the play time fun!! Shipping charges apply.

43. If dad already has pool table, these Pool Balls will be helpful – $65.99 Free Shipping

44. Gaming Headphones by Astro – $249.99 Free Shipping

Some who love to groom & take care of their prized possessions!

The best way to express love to someone is to show you care about what they care. Do that for dad – be it his beard or favorite pair of leather shoe he loves to shine! We picked these awesome choices for the father figure in your home and heart!

45. Personalized Beard Brush $23.50 plus shipping

46. Black Palm Wood Personalized Razor Starting $43.19 Free Shipping

47. Watch Organizer – starting $119.00 Free Shipping

48. Shoe Shine Kit $39.97 Free Shipping (get the leather milk for leather shoes here)

And let’s not forget the Rookies!

Those experiencing first few years of fatherhood need special attention! Present them things that can enhance the new chapter of their lives, make bonds and memories!

49. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer $137.08 Free Shipping within US

50. Copy Paste Shirt Matching Shirts $39.95 plus Shipping

51. HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer $149.95 Free Shipping within US

52. Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera Bundle $609.00 free shipping within US

And if you have a type of dad that we couldn’t cover here, we are pretty sure Amazon can! Give him a gift card to get what he wants OR if he does not already have, give him the gift of Amazon Prime Membership. Both the links are below!

We hope this guide helped you pick the gift or at least direct you to a good idea for Father’s Day (falling this year on Sunday June 21st in the US). Wishing you a great time with your family – don’t forget to personalize these gifts where you can – Dads will love that!

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