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Ramadan 2021

And before we know the Holy month of Ramadan will be here with all its blessings and festivities! As always we are here with a list of Ramadan must-haves for you, your family and friends from Muslim business owners who are extremely creative and have been working to make our Ramadan extra special!

Keep the Kids Busy!

First of all – let’s keep those little hands busy as well as teach them about the blessed month. Here is a variety of activities to pick from:

  1. Mosque Pen Holder – $18.00 plus shipping
  2. Arabic Learning Box – $48.00 plus shipping
  3. Laser cut Mecca City – $62.00 FREE shipping
  4. Islamic Paint Kit – $16.00 plus shipping
  5. Ramadan Activity Box – $45.00 FREE shipping
  6. Salah Tracker – $12.00 plus shipping
  7. Muslim Dress Up Doll Activity – $24.99 plus shipping

Include Kids and Make Cooking Time Fun!

Lets make cooking time fun with kids and help them feel good about preparing for iftar as well as passing some time.

  1. Islamic Mini Rolling Pins – $10.00 each plus shipping
  2. Eid Embosser Stamp Set – $31.49+ plus shipping
  3. Islamic Pattern Cookie Mold – $7.99 plus shipping
  4. Ramadan Cookie Cutters – $17.95 plus shipping
  5. Ramadan Pot Holder – $16.00 plus shipping
  6. Ramadan Tea Towels – $16.54 FREE shipping
  7. “Cooking a Special Ramadan Iftar” Apron – $19.00+ plus shipping

Serving For Ramadan!

Serving for Ramadan is always special since we sit at the table to eat after long hours. The lovely dishes and pretty accents make a huge difference in the presentation!

  1. Coasters for your beloved tea! $8.50 plus shipping
  2. Ramadan Serving Bowl – $50.00 FREE shipping
  3. Oil & Vinegar Set – $28.90 plus shipping
  4. Charger Plate – $20.00+ plus shipping
  5. Star Moon Serving Tray – $44.99 FREE shipping
  6. Yallah Let’s Eat charger plate – $15.00 FREE shipping
  7. Napkin Holder – $30.60 plus shipping
  8. Wooden Tray Ramadan – $35.00 plus shipping
  9. Bismillah Lazy Susan – $79.99 FREE shipping
  10. Ramadan Charcuterie Board – $60.00 plus shipping

Spread the Spirit of Ramadan!

The ambiance for Ramadan always serves a great way to bring the spirit of this celebration. We found these really cute decorations from Etsy and some from Amazon crafted by our Muslim creatives! Use them in your home or send gifts to your family and friends!

  1. Wooden Ramadan Mubarak Sign – $15.00 plus shipping
  2. Alhamdulillah Decor – $$69.99 FREE shipping and choice of colors
  3. Ramadan Mubarak Wooden Sign – $23.00 plus shipping
  4. Resin Art Ramadan Decor – $79.00 FREE shipping
  5. Festive Lights – $18.67+ plus shipping
  6. Wooden Wall Decor – $30.00 plus shipping
  7. Hand Embroidered Pillowcases – $17.49+ plus shipping
  8. Days Until Eid and Suhoor Iftar Sign – $54.99 FREE shipping


Calendars are getting so popular and in my years of doing posts on Eid, these have really evolved and the awesome creatives have done an amazing job in brining beautiful touches – get these for your own home or for gifts!

  1. Minimalist Advent Calendar – $19.99 plus shipping
  2. Days Till Eid Crescent Calendar – $75.00 plus shipping
  3. Advent Calendar Bags – $30.34 plus shipping
  4. Pre-filled Advent Calendar – $39.99+ Free Shipping
  5. Countdown Calendar Ramadan – $24.00 plus shipping
  6. Mosque Countdown Calendar – $229.00 plus shipping

PLEASE NOTE: These are the prices and shipping rates at the time the blog post is written. The sellers might change the price/shipping charges/order turnaround time.

(Do check our last year guides on Ramadan and Eid).

Have a blessed Ramadan and spread the joy by supporting your fellow Muslim businesses! We will soon be doing a guide for Eid inshAllah!

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