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Few clips from our summers!

First week of school! If you have school going kids, school has either started, or about to start – depending upon which state you are in, you are probably dealing with something school-related! Frisco ISD always opens midweek which sorta kinda provide a start-and- a- break for kids and eases them into the school year. …

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10 Last-Minute Things For Your Dorm!

Back to school season is almost upon us, and for one particular group of students, this time has an extra layer of excitement. Incoming college freshmen are probably rushing around, trying to say goodbye to all their friends and family at home, coordinating their dorms with their roommates, and packing up their lives to take …

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With love from Pakistan – A guide to bring presents from your homeland!

America is a country abundant in us immigrants. While we live and work here, the plan to visit back home every or every few years is a must for most of us – to meet families, get the next generation an exposure to the culture and above all touch and feel the taste of our …

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Autism – my journey with Hamza

Autism brings many celebrations, among lots of other things. These celebrations are what keep us parents of auties of any other special needs kids going…uttering “Mom” at 5, tying laces at 16 or following simple two-step directions after 100+ attempts. The journey is full of humbleness and gratitude; raising a child who is so dependent upon you and so different from the norms of the world he is surviving in is blessing and a challenge!

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Holidays in the US!

December reads? What better to read than Mischelle Obama’s Becoming. Click on the link below to get your copy! As you know: my blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to …

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